How to maintain the peanut combine harvester in winter
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How to maintain the peanut harvester in winter

In the winter season, many peanut harvesters in the countryside are idle. While it is quite important to store and maintain the peanut harvester properly for the next year's production.
1. To prevent iron rust: most parts of the peanut harvester used currently are made of iron, which is easy to rust under improper storage and shorten the service life of peanut harvester. Therefore, these iron parts should be removed in winter, cleaned and coated with anti-rust paint, then stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.
2. To prevent mildew of wood parts: some parts of peanut harvester are made of wood, which are easy to mildew after getting damp. Therefore, they must be washed and dried before storage, coated with tung oil, and then put in a ventilated and dry place.
3. To prevent aging of rubber parts: if the rubber parts of peanut harvester are damp or greasy, it would be aging and crack easily and shorten the service life. Therefore, the triangle belt or flat belt of peanut harvester should be removed, hung on the wall or placed in a dry and ventilated place. When the peanut harvester is parked in the warehouse, use the jack or bricks to lift the rear axle of the machine, leaving the tyre off the ground and not withstanding the load, and maintain proper pressure at the same time.

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"4HBL-2 peanut combine harvester" is the combination machinery for peanut harvesting. It combines the function of straightening up seedlings, digging and soil loosening, pull up seedlings, holding and conveying, shaking soil, picking fruit, screening, draught fan cleaning, roller chain cleaning, collecting and bagging with smooth operation, high work efficiency, less fruit leakage, etc.