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Introduction and use of coating pan

The coating pan is usually made of stainless steel with good thermal conductivity, and the angle between the axis and the horizontal is 300~450 degrees in order to make the tablets roll with the pot in the coating process and also move along the axial to achieve better mixing effect. Rotational speed of the coating pan should be appropriate as the tablets can rise to a certain height with the rotation of the coating pan, then fall in a curve so that the coating material can be evenly distributed on the surface of the tablets and there is appropriate friction among the tablets. In recent years, stepless speed regulation of coating pan is often used.

When using the coating pan for coating, put proper amount of tablets in the pan. The coating pan should always rotate in proper speed. Isolation layer solution, binder solution, powder, sucrose solution and others should be added according to the sequence of coating. When the solution is added per time, it shall be rotated fully or stirred when necessary to make it uniformly dispersed on the surface of all tablets, then dry through heating and ventilating; dusting after the adhesives have been uniform distributed with the coating pan rotating (with stirring) to make the powder evenly adhered to the surface of the tablets, then drying by ventilating. In the whole process of coating, the following should be noticed: when adding liquid or powder, it should be in uniform distribution; when the liquid is uniformly distributed, it should be fully dried before adding new solution. The viscosity of the solution should not be too large, otherwise it is not easy to be evenly distributed. In the production, the powder is often suspended in the binder solution and added into the rotating tablets, which can reduce the dust and simplify the process.
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In film-coating, the film-forming solution should be distributed evenly on the surface of all tablets. The speed of the coating pan should be adjusted appropriately or add a baffle to prevent the tablets from sliding in the pot; well exhaust equipment should be used in the coating pan to facilitate the discharge or recycling of organic solvents. It is a common and better way to spray the coating solution on the surface of the tablets. But there are other people who trickle the coating solution to form qualified film-coated tablets. Hot air is used to accelerate the evaporation of solvent in the process of coating. In aqueous dispersion coating, you should pay attention to accelerate the evaporation of water, the buried pipe coating pot can be used. For the coating pan with interlayer, there are many small holes on the inner wall, through which the hot air can flow into the coating pot.

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