Maintenance of vegetable washing machine
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Maintenance of vegetable washing machine

It is well known that the maintenance of vegetable washing machine is quite important and normal maintenance can greatly prolong the service life of the equipment, so what is the correct repair and maintenance of vegetable washing machine? Users can adopt the following several ways to carry out the maintenance and adjustment.
1. Adjustment of the chain
The adjustment should be carried out after the motor stopped. Press the chain in the middle of the two chain wheels with finger. The standard value of compression is commonly between 4mm to 9mm. The idler wheel should be adjusted to the specified tightness once it is out of the limits.
2. Replacement of continuous variable speed
For the inspection, oiling and replacement of motor oil in continuous variable speed gear box, the motor should be stopped first. The oil plug can be removed with no open flames and it is the appropriate amount if the oil just outflows. Add oil when it is insufficient.
3. Adjustment of the belt
When the motor stops, press the middle of the two belt wheels with fingers (middle finger and index finger). The standard value of compression is 7 ~ 12mm. Adjust the idler to the specified tightness when it is greater than the standard value.
4. How to keep it if not using for a long time
If the vegetable washing machine is not used for a long time, we can remove the earth and other objects on each part and wipe them. Impurities on the rotary part, belt and chain should be removed completely and oil the rotation and friction active part to prevent rust.

Vegetable washing machine

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