How to solve the problem of excess temperature of peanut oil press?
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How to solve the problem of excess temperature of peanut oil press?

Peanut oil press is the ideal equipment for peanut oil extraction. Many kinds of oil crops can be processed with the peanut oil press, such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower seed and cottonseed. In the operation of peanut oil press, excess temperature or exceed prescribed limits of peanut oil press and motor bearing would cause serious damage to the peanut oil press and affect the service life of peanut oil press. To accurately determine whether the local or overall temperature of peanut oil press is too high, we can check the peanut oil press in the following methods.

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1, Check the lubrication points of all parts of peanut oil press and whether the brand of lubricating oil used is consistent with the factory specifications of the equipment.
2, Check whether the lubricating oil or grease of peanut oil press goes bad.
3, Check whether the lubricating pipeline of peanut oil press is blocked or the lubricating oil is in the lubrication points. Insufficient amount of oil would cause fever.
4, The side clearance of the bearing in peanut oil press is too small, the clearance between the shaft and bearing is too large and the contact points are too much so that uniform oil film can not formed in the bearing.
5, The grease in rolling bearing of peanut oil press is too much or too little. Excessive grease is easy to cause that the rolling body stirs the grease and generates heat, which is not easy to spread. For bad lubrication, the operator should add enough oil in accordance with the provisions, generally 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the bearing clearance.
6, The sealing device of the hollow shaft on both ends of grinding body of peanut oil press is too tight or iron of the sealing body contacts with the shaft directly.

When the above problems appear, the operator should deal with them according to the reasons. However, for the problem of too small bearing side clearance or too large contact angle at the bottom, the operator should jack up the mill body with a hydraulic jack and remove the bearing bush from one side of the shaft and further scrape bush mouth. When using the peanut oil press to make peanut oil, we must pay attention to the points above in order to improve the oil yield and working efficiency of peanut oil press.