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The optimum time and attention of peanut seed shelling

When is the optimum time to shell the peanut seeds and what problems should be paid attention to when shelling? Here is a brief introduction:

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Nowadays, some farmers start to shell the peanuts in the slack season. In fact, it is unscientific. Generally, the shelling time should be closer to the planting time, because the seeds after shelling would contact with water and oxygen in the air directly without the protection of pod shell that the respiration and enzyme activity of seeds strengthen, which consumes of the nutrients in the seed and reduces the vitality of seeds. As a result, seeding emergence would be slow and irregular. Generally, the optimum shelling time shall be 10-15 days before the date of seeding no matter open ground spring sowing peanuts, plastic film mulching peanuts or intercropped peanuts. Before shelling, dry the peanut seeds in the sun fully for about two days to lower the moisture content of seeds, kill germs and prompt quick and neat seed germination, because during the autumn harvest, drying and warehousing storage, peanuts may be influenced by the external environment and encounter damp and insect infestation. After shelling of seeds, kernels should be graded according to the size of the nuts and different grades of seeds should be stored in different bags. When sowing, seeds of the same size should be arranged in the same block and avoid mixed sowing. Put seeds of different grades into cloth bags or well-ventilated bags for short time storage in a dry room and prevent the seeds to be affected with damp or insect bites. The seeds should be dried in the sun two days before seeding if getting damp. Avoid exposure to the sun in the cement floor or roof to prevent the peel and seed from injury. You can spread a layer of woven bags or paper on the ground before drying.