How to grind oily materials with grind mill
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How to grind oily materials with grind mill

Method 1: grinding sesame only. Sesame seeds must be dried first due to the higher oil content of sesame. The effect of coarse grinding (break) is quite good. If sesame seeds need to be ground fine, part of sesame would stick on the grinding wheel, which would not influence the feeding, but operators need to pay attention to the operation method. Feed slowly and adjust the thickness when the squeaky voice decreases to silent. The material ground out are clumps or paste rather than powder because of the high oil content of sesame. Oil would be ground out when grinding (oil content of white sesame is higher than black sesame).

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Method 2: you can add some black rice or black beans. First, grind them into fine powder and mix with sesame in proportion for mixed grinding. It can absorb the sesame oil and grind sesame seed into powder. If grind black rice or black beans directly with sesame, there would be particles in the powder after grinding, because sesame oil would stick the broken black rice or black beans.

The proportion of oily material had better less than 30%. The higher the proportion, the material ground out is easier to be paste and stick the machine; the lower the proportion, the powder ground would be finer and won't stick the machine. If sesame and walnut are ground fine, a large number of oil molecules will leak out, thus sticking the machine and the material ground is paste rather than powder.