Rapid growing of peanut food machinery industry
Peanut food machinery for sale.

Rapid growing of peanut food machinery industry

Peanut is the most important oil crops and cash crops in the world. In the developed countries, peanut are mainly used for eating, roast peanut and peanut butter account for high portion. In our country, peanut are mainly used for producing peanut oil. Along with the development of economic and society, especially the rapid development of peanut food industry, the proportion for eating has risen to 30% which produce many new types of peanut process productions. Salted peanut is one of our countries local special products. From the Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, the salted peanut has been famous for the flavor of good smell, crisp and soft. The Annual processing amount is 28000 T, and the output value is up to 2 billion. From a long time ago, the processing technologies are all traditional way of roistering directly. But it has the common disadvantages of big production cost, high sulfur content of the products, lower level of food safety and lower quality of production and quantity which is the limit for export.

Peanut roaster machine

Therefore, it is necessary to improve and upgrade the existing machining which change the direct roasting into recycle roasting. That lowers the sulfur content and processing cost of peanut production and improve the quantity and quality of processing peanut. The production market for sale is expanded further that promote the salted peanut industry developed with large scale, high quality and high efficiency.

The processing technology:
The wet way of roasting technology:
Selecting the fresh peanut---cleaning--cooking—drying---roasting---screening by hand—package—storage

Dry way of roasting technology:
Selecting the dry peanut---cleaning--cooking---drying---roasting—screening by hand—package-----storage