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Peanut mechanization training was held in Zhumadian City

On March 2, 9 a.m., the peanut mechanization training of Zhumadian City was held in Suiping County. The purpose of training is to make the broad masses of peasants know the use of the new type agricultural machinery and new technology, step on the scientific way of mechanization at an early date, service well and make a good promotion in peanut mechanization. Through the form of a live demonstration, peasants can truly see and feel the benefits of peanut planting mechanization.

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Agricultural specialists explained the working principle, technical requirements and matters needing attention of peanut machinery at the meeting including the high reliability, convenient operation, low broken rate, low loss and high work efficiency of mechanization planting that greatly reduces farmers work intensity and operation cost, improves the production efficiency, increases the production and income of peasants.

It is understood that in recent years, the agricultural machinery department of Zhumadian City makes great efforts to promote the city's peanut production mechanization level by constant introduction, demonstration and promotion of new type peanut planter, peanut harvester and large peanut sheller. The success of this training will further stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers to buy advanced agricultural machinery equipment and make achievement for Zhumadian City in peanut cultivation, production and income increase again.