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  • Commercial vegetable washing machine

    Commercial Washing Machine for Various Fruits and Vegetables

    Commercial vegetable washing machine is widely used for washing and cleaning of various fruits, such as apple, strawberry, tomato, cherry, pineapple, grapes and vegetables, such as cabbage, green bean and other leafy vegetables.

  • Peanut harvest machine

    Peanut mechanization production technology

    The mechanization technology of peanut production includes mechanical ploughing, mechanical mulching, mechanical sowing, mechanical plant protection, mechanical harvesting and other processing techniques, such as peanut shelling and oil pressing.

  • Groundnut shelling machine

    Technical study on groundnut shelling machine

    Besides the study on the principle and equipment, the research is also carried out on the shelling technology to improve the shelling rate and the shelling quality.

  • peanut frying machine

    How to clean and maintain peanut frying machine

    The bottom of peanut frying machine is funnel shaped so that small dregs can precipitate into the funnel shape sediment area below automatically during the operation of peanut frying machine.

  • peanut planter

    How to guarantee the quality of peanut picking machine

    The emergence of peanut picking machine brings us with great convenience. It overcomes the difficulty in harvest, gets rid of the traditional harvesting form and improves the agricultural efficiency.

  • Small electric grain mill

    What's the difference between home use flour mill and grain mill?

    The flour mill and grain mill are often used process grains, legumes and family ingredients into powder in order to make it more convenient to eat. Then, what's the difference between home use flour mill and grain mill?

  • peanut planter

    High benefit of deep processing of peanut planting mechanization

    Since using the multi-function peanut planter, ridging, fertilization, sowing, mulching and insecticide spraying can be completed one time that peanuts can be planted easily.

  • Peanut harvester

    Peanut mechanization training was held in Zhumadian City

    On March 2, 9 a.m., the peanut mechanization training of Zhumadian City was held in Suiping County. The purpose of training is to make the broad masses of peasants know the use of the new type agricultural machinery and new technology

  • peanut crusher machine

    High efficiency peanut crusher machine QP-3

    The peanut crusher machine is mainly used for processing beans and nuts (including peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnut, chestnut kernel) with different particle sizes.

  • walnut

    Application prospect of walnut shelling machine

    Walnut production mechanization is an important part of agricultural modernization. It is also the important guarantee of the sustained and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy.

  • electric grain mill

    Home electric grain mill

    Home electric grain mill is made of high quality stainless steel with finishing technology. It has strong power. Living power of 220v or industrial power of 380v can be used according to customers’ needs.

  • Making sesame butter

    Video of making sesame butter with peanut butter machine

    Peanut butter machine can be used to produce all kinds of peanut butter and sesame butter of different tastes, such as common, smooth, primary taste, sweet taste, saline taste, piquant taste and so on.

  • frying machine

    Cleaning method of frying machine

    After using the frying machine, please be sure to pull out the plug. Clean the machine body when it cools completely with a soft cloth dipped with neutral detergent and wipe gently. Do not use metal brush or corrosive solvents so as not to damage the non-stick coating and surface of the pot body.

  • Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine

    Industrial Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine

    The industrial fruit and vegetable washer machine is widely used for cleaning vegetables, fruits and other granular, leafy and root materials, such as carrots, hawthorn, apple, orange, mango, jujube, etc.

  • Peanut Picking Machine

    Peanut picking machine is on hot sale

    Recently, the peanut harvest season is coming, peanut picking machine produced by our company is on hot sale.

  • peanut-harvesting

    In recent years, the pace of agricultural machinery research and development innovation are increasing in Shandong province and achieves notable results. A large number of scientific and technological achievements spring up.

  • peanut peeling machine

    The development of peanut peeling machine

    Peanuts used to be treated as a secondary economic crop in China. However, with the development of more than 20 years after the reform and opening up policy

  • grind mill

    How to grind oily materials with grind mill

    When grinding oily materials with high oil content, such as sesame seed and walnut, pay special attention to use the right method.

  • peanut shelling machine

    Usage of peanut shelling machine

    Now it is the season for peanut harvest, and the peak season of peanut shelling machine is coming. And now more and more people are using peanut shelling machine due to time and labor saving and...

  • peanut harvester

    4HB-2600 peanut harvester

    4HB-2600 self-propelled peanut harvester is mainly used for collecting, picking, cleaning, loading, cutting and recycling of peanuts after harvesting or airing. It is suitable for areas where peanuts can be harvested mechanically.

  • peanut picking machine

    Common problems and solutions of peanut picking machine

    When there is a glitch in the peanut picking machine, it is better to solve it by ourselves. For example, when the drum of peanut picking machine blocks, you should check the feeding amount, moisture of peanut seedling, tightness of motor v-belts, supply voltage, etc.

  • The applying of peanut roaster

    The peanut roaster consists of heat converter, air supply service and roaster box etc. People consume that the roaster is a kind of machinery equipment which are used to roaster the peanut...

  • Peanut frying production line

    Peanut frying production line

    The peanut frying production line is a new generation of product produced on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology and concentrate study of the technical personnel with the features of advance, practical, cheap and fine.

  • Peanut Shelling Machine

    Application prospect of peanut shelling machine

    Mechanization of peanut production is an important part of agricultural modernization and the important guarantee of the sustained and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy. In recent years, the amount of peanut machinery and equipment is growing constantly and steadily

  • soybean peeling machine

    Matters needing attention when using soybean peeling machine

    In the commissioning, all transmission parts should be filled with lubricating oil, especially the bearing and vibration motor. Check whether there is any block or collision and pay special attention that whether there is iron, screw or hard object between the peeling rollers.

  • Coating Pan

    Operation process of coating pan

    Feed the tablets to be coating into the coating drum, take the gun bracket and spray gun into the pot and fixed.

  • How to maintain the peanut harvest machine after using

    Examine the wearing condition of belt of peanut harvest machine. If it is wearing heavily, the belt should be replaced instantly.

  • peanut shelling machine

    Operation of peanut shelling machine

    The peanut shelling machine and peanut machinery are popular among the farmers. Next, we are going to introduce the correct operation of peanut shelling machine.

  • peanut roaster machine

    Special roster for spiced peanuts

    The roasted peanut has good color and flavor. The machinery is easy to operate, easy to mastering, reducing labor force for the food processing factory.

  • peanut shelling machine

    How to use the peanut shelling machine

    Now more and more farmers begin to use peanut shelling machine. Therefore, some of them can not make full use the machine’s capacity due to not mastering how to use peanut shelling machine.

  • Peanut oil press

    What is pressed peanut oil

    Pressed peanut oil and peanut dregs can be obtained through crushing, selecting (peanut kernel and shell separation), stir-frying to six to eight mature and physical pressing of peanut oil press. The peanut dregs are edible.

  • peanut roaster machine

    The application of peanut roaster in the Fish skin peanut production line

    Fish skin peanut is Chinese local specialty which has won fame both at home and abroad. Fish skin peanut is the replica of peanut, and it can be called fish skin peanut...

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